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VN is great for video editing. With it, you can create all kinds of videos very easily. This is a royal app for video editing which has all kinds of tools and features. You can download its free version from the play store and its modded premium pro version from the topratedapk.

After downloading the VN video editor mod APK open it, and you will see some tutorials, so you have to skip them. After that, you will get the option of allowing the Vn- video editor to access photos, Media, and files on your device. So you have to click on allow. When you open the first page you will see a plus sign at the bottom, so you have to click on it. After that, you will have two options. The first is a new project. In the second you will see five types: “Project, Template, Story, Overlays, and Tutorials”.

First of all, you should open a new project. After opening, you will have the option of videos or photos, you can also add photos and videos of your choice. If you add a video, then the processing is done and your video will be played In the second type you will have six types of subtitles, and you can apply any of them to your photos and videos “Standard, Name description, Video title, Line, White, Director music “.In the third type, you will have three types of material you can apply any of them. After that first, you will have the option of music. Within music, you will have five different types. ” My music, Vlog, Pops, Dynamic and Fresh ” . 1- In My music you can convert video to audio. 2- You will have five options in the vlog that you can download and install. 3- In the pop, you will also have five options you will download and install. 4- You will have five options in dynamic you can download and install. 5- At the end, you will get five options that you can download and install. After that you will have eight options .” My effect, Cartoon, Fast swish, Funny, Machine, Ringing, Vehicles, and weather ” . 1- You will have further four options. In my opinion the first is an import from a link, the second is importing from a music library, the third is extracting from video and the fourth is importing a file manager. Choose any of them you want. 2- You will have thirteen types of fonts in the cartoon, you can choose any of them. 3- In fast swish, you will get twelve options you can choose from them. 4- In a funny way you will get eleven options you can choose from them. 5- In the machine, you will get thirteen options. 6- In ringing, you will get eleven options. 7- In the vehicle, you will get ten options. 8- In weather, you will get six options. After that you will have the third option of recording, you can also record as you wish. In the second type, you will get two options ” Text and SET files” At first you will come across a variety of titles and different writing. In the second you will have the option of importing from the file app. In the third type, you will get the two options ” video/ photo and stickers” In video and photo you can insert any photo and video. You will get four types of options in the sticker ” Element, Import, Favorite, and Giphy”.  1_ In the element you will get 278 lines and frames. In import, you will get two options ” New folder and Default ”  From the new folder you can create any folder from create the folder. In Default, you will get two options ” photos or file app ” In the photos option, you can add any photo from your gallery.Giphy will come with a lot of stickers you can install any of them.In the end, you will have a speaker option you can also click on it to turn off the sound. Next to the video, you will have a small plus sign that you can click on to add more effect. You can also set the time duration per effect. Then click on the tick and it will be added to your video.If you want to delete the effect that you have placed, then tick on none, and your effect will be deleted. In the end, you will get twenty options. ” Template, Mirror, Speed, Split, Trim, FX, Delete, Extract, Volume, BG, Border, Fill, Crop, Rotate, Mirror, Flip, Freeze, Reverse, Zoom, Forward “. You will come across many types in the template. Next to this will come many types of templates. TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, Instagram story videos, Minimalist, Food, Digital frames, Marketing videos many more. In Tik Tok videos you will get nine videos. You will find thirteen videos in Instagram Reels. In Instagram story videos you will get seven videos. In Minimalist, you will get nine videos you can install any one you want. After that, you will get seven videos on food. Next came the digital frames in which you will also get four videos. In marketing videos, you will get eleven videos. Next to this, you have the option of which filter you want to apply. There are many types of filters like ” Original, Aesthetic, Create, Vivid, Essence, Fog, Lune, Mood, Polaroid, Season, Film, Life, Light, Person, Retro, Scentsy, Teal orange, and Travel. You can apply any of them to your video. Along with the filter, you will have the option to adjust it. You will see twelve types of adjust ” Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Vibrance, HSL, Sharpen, HUE, Highlight, and Shadow. At the bottom, you will have a line you can set accordingly. After that you will have the option of speed, it will show you a straight line with five dots on it. By moving these dots up you can increase the speed and by lowering them you can decrease the speed. Also, you have the option of preset. It will show you Six types of curves ” Montage, Hero time, Bullet time, Jumpcut, Fast in ٫ Fast out”. You can set the speed of all of them as well. Along with the curve, you will have the option of regular on it, you will see a straight line you can also set by that.After that, you have the next option of splitting. To apply split you need to click on the video first then you can cut the video from anywhere. After that, you will get the option of trim. In this, you can set the video to 0.3s, 1s, 2.5s, and original. After that you will see twenty-three FX ” Black, White, Spin in, Spinout, Rotary 1, Rotary 2, Flash, Zoom in, Little, Little left, Shake, Slide right, Zoom out, Flicker, Jitter up, Expand, Spin down, Landing spin, Spin narrow, Narrow selection, Zoom out 02, Shake in” After that, if you click on the tick, Fx will appear. You will then see an arrow at the top, click on it.





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