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If you’re an old gamer, you’re stuck with your Nintendo system from the 80s. Will you know about punch hero the famous boxing game? punch hero is a popular game that entertains you in a better way. You can play this game anytime anywhere where you want.

Another amazing feature of punch out is its bright 3D graphics and engaging gameplay which is most popular among Nintendo system players. This game did not change much as compared to its predecessor 30 years ago. In the punch hero game, you will have to face difficult players like samurai and sometimes the soul of a deceased pirate which made this game interesting and popular. However, it is one of the best 80s games which you can play on your smartphone and entertain yourself in a better way.

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Let’s learn more about this fun game with our details review of the bunch hero below.


Story of Punch APK:

Let’s train your character by increasing their strength, uppercuts at the training center, and hook punches while accumulating special skills and power moves in the skill store present in the punch hero game. Due to its 3D graphics punch hero mod apk is highly addictive for game lovers. You will name your character and enter arcade mode. You have to fight with 18 opponents and new challenges will appear every time when you defeated your enemy and become one of them.

In this game, you will have to face the samurai, the sausage player and maybe the deceased pirate’s soul. Every player has a unique style of playing and you will need to recognize and find new ways to fight and defeat your enemies and become number one.

if you want to win you must be the master necessary skills such as hooks, uppercuts, weave, Jabs, etc. You need to learn quick reflexes which are one of the needed elements in this game to win and defeat your opponents in a better way.

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Punch hero mod apk:

If you want to get its mod version which is safe and secure for your smartphone so that you can download its mod version from our website for free with out spending a single penny on it. In its mod version you will get unlimited currency which you use to upgrade your characters skill and skins. You will not waste your time by playing punch hero apk in collecting gold and money but you can simply download its mod version to get unlimited currency.

Features of Punch Mod apk:

Simple gameplay:

In punch hero mod apk you must face 22 fighters who are against you. Your enemy comes with different characters with different strong and weak points. And your job is to find out their weak points to beat them and win the match. Of course, you have to be fluent in boxing skills to win. You have to become a master of the defensive and offensive skills you perform in the fight. you can receive the gold rewards and you can use this gold to buy new skills, customs, and training for the upcoming match. If you are good enough your level will be raised with more skills, and customs, so that you can be vigorously fought against opponents. If you want to shorten the time you can buy the app in purchase to buy stuff sooner however, we don’t think it is necessary because you can only buy the next level’s customs.

User friendly interface:

Punch hero apk has a user-friendly design which is very easy to play and understand. It is very easy to control that even kids can play with no difficulty. you don’t consider this game for kids because it is a little bit violent.

Besides there are multiple movements that you can make with one touch and moving your hand on the screen. For example, you must touch the screen quickly every time when you are knocked down to stand back against your enemy. This game is perfect for quick reflexes and moves, you can enjoy this game by playing its mod version from our website.

Enjoy the real boxing:

If you pay attention, you will see this game has quiet good simulation of boxing techniques, we love the way developers slow down when you dodge a punch at your enemy. Awesome time if isn’t effortless if you want to level up quickly because you have to master the skill first then you can do it.

Mercedes this is also a game where you will learn the specialised terms of boxing in your way. Except for some weird opponent. The action in this game are genuine and unique the sound are realistic. It is the best game for boxing lovers with no doubt as it is proven.

Game mode:

Punch hero mod apk has two modes i.e., two-player and a single-player. In particular, the single player does not require Wi-Fi or the internet connection as it can play with bots made by your mobile. In single-player mode, you will fight with a different fighter to win the higher rank. Every player has different states but later on, the boxers are quite more substantial than the player’s index to increase the difficulty and it forces the player to have some tactics and skills to defeat them.

But if you want to play multiplayer mode you need an internet connection because multiple modes is played online with your friends, family members and even randoms. In the multiplayer mode, you can chat with your partner and enjoy your game in a better way. But we don’t think this feature is helpful because your hands will always be busy with the move and playing the game.

Lastly, you have no option except for the arcade mode it is not a big problem for starters or newbies players because the arcade option is enough for all of them. If you are a professional gamer, it is not as fun as you expect.

Visual and sound quality:

In punch hero mod apk, the best high-quality sound is introduced to enjoy and experience this game in a better way. Its music engages its users in it keeps playing this game. You should also have to try this game once.

Graphics and designs:

Punch hero mod apk graphics are only at an average level which inspires you the most. It is impossible to read the level of a monument. If you are interested in the graphics so this game will not make you disappoint because of its good graphics.

The highlight of this game is the 100s different characters present in it. The developer made creative designed hundereds different characters with funny identifying characteristics present in the punch hero mod apk game.

Besides the facial expression or also the attraction of heroes especially when they get hit it looks very realistic. This made gamer very interested. If you want professional graphic design, this game is not the first choice for you. But if you want something funny for entertaining and to kill your boredom so there is nothing better than punch hero mod apk which you can download for free of cost from our website.

Sound effects:

The audio system is also maintained by the developers. If you ask the most important feature of punch heroes game. For example, the game soundtrack is nice and open and screams when a hit is perfected. And the sound effect is also amazing that we like more about this game. All of these are done in a very thoughtful and funny way. Also, you can easily adjust the game volume and mute from your mobile phone when needed. However, punch hero without sound is no longer gave you the better experience because you can’t hear the sound of the punch when you hit your enemy. So please remember to bring your headphones for a better experience while playing punch hero mod apk.


With so many game modes and option which will give you entertainment of endless boxing action. If  you want to download its mod version so you can get this from our website. If you are a fan of boxing games there are a few representatives in the game industry. Why don’t you play punch hero mod apk perhaps the only thing. this game brings popularity through the effects and sounds of the character’s movements and face expressions of the characters in this game. And it is a remarkable difference in the genre of the violent and intense boxing game. The game doesn’t require a igh quality smartphone to experience but you can enjoy this game with a mid-range configuration phone. This game is currently available on both iOS and Android platforms.


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