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Prequel Mod APK (Fotos Aesthetics video editor APP) Free Download

foto aesthetic prequel mod apk app

Your needs for photo filters, aesthetic video editing, aesthetic presets, beauty, contrast, foto aesthetic, video filters online, background, vintage, aesthetic portraits, realistic effects, and many more requirements can only be fulfilled by the best application the Prequel mod apk.


What is Prequel?

Prequel mod apk is another great app like VSCO. Prequel mod has advanced-level features to improve your photography and editing. The fotos aesthetics prequel app was released in May 2020. And in that short time, it has won the hearts of people with over 10 million downloads on Google Play. It is available for both Android and PC users. This is a premium app with its exceptional features but we are here to provide you with the latest version of the perquel Mod apk which has all the features unlocked. Download prequel application with aesthetic photo editor prequel mod apk.

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Overview of Foto Aesthetic Prequel app download

Prequel developers have built this application with the latest editing videos, images, graphic customization, animations, and many more advanced features. This is to give users a complete platform from editing to creation. We mean prequel mod apk in one pack. In the games of throne prequel Mod version, all functions are unlocked and free to use for our website users. Its awesome tools and numerous aesthetic filters will make your content more attractive and engaging. prequel developers also added a built-in toolkit to provide users with a professional editing environment.

prequel mod apk free premium download

Requirements for fotos aesthetics Prequel mod apk

If you want to use the prequel mod apk on your devices, you must meet these requirements to get full output from this application.
Prequel mod apk for Android users:
If you are an Android user, your phone must be version 5.0 and above.
Prequel mod apk for iOS users:
If you are an iPhone user, your iPhone must be version 13.0 or higher.
Prequel mod apk for PCs and laptops:
If you want to use this app on your PC and laptop, you must have the best emulator that is compatible with your device.
Offline and online:
Prequel mod apk is available for both online and offline users. When you don’t have an internet connection you can use its features and tools offline which will be less but not less in use. When using an Internet connection, it will show you a lot of functions to use, such as new templates, updated apps for filters, and more.

The latest version of the Prequel application:

1.46.0 is the latest version of the prequel apk which you can get from the topratedapk. You can download its latest version by downloading its mod version with a premium subscription. Just tap on the above download button and enjoy the premium content of the prequel mod apk. Don’t worry about updating its version, the mod version is capable of updating automatically. Download it once and thank us later.

Features of Prequel mod apk

I welcome you to know about the latest and prequel apk premium which is becoming most popular due to its advanced features. Stay with us to know all the aspects of the perquel app.

Huge collection of effects

Prequel mod apk has a wide collection of attractive effects. You can edit your photos and videos with great effects to make your content look impressive. This application introduces many special filters like plastic, indie kid, change of pace, Miami, 3d elements, kidcare, VHS, teal, green, canvas, renaissance, and many more. If you want to make your content more attractive then download this application now and edit your content with the latest mod version.

prequel mod apk effects downloads

Prequel Mod APK presets

Along with the best collection of effects, the prequel mod app also has unique aesthetic presets that make it easy for users to edit content and make it look premium. These presets will make your aesthetic photos icon and videos more beautiful and extraordinary.

User-Friendly Interface

We know that many tools and software have been introduced and are meant to create images and videos in a period but we cannot use them for the long term. Prequel Mod APK is designed in such a way that a newbie can do their own content creation and change with a user-friendly interface. Which is very simple and fast and has all the controls that are easily accessible. There is no complexity and with the best tools, your content gets others to discover your content.

Prequel App download filters

It is not wrong to call Prequel Mod APK a factory of filters to make the photo more unique and impressive. That’s why Prequel Mod APK has a huge collection of filters like Disco Snow White, BW Vibe, Party, Red Berries, Bubblegum, and many more. you can use filters in the photos and videos with the best adjustment of our complete instructions.

prequel mod apk filters free

Download fotos aesthetics Prequel Mod APK Free

We know that its premium version is expensive and we have to pay to subscribe to its premium version, but for the convenience of our users, we are offering the Mod version of Prequel Mod APK. In which all features are unlocked. You don’t have to pay us a single penny. Download the latest version from TOPRATEDAPK for free to enjoy advanced-level photography and editing in it.

Built-in video editor

At the beginning of this article, we discussed the use of this Prequel Mod APK for photo and aesthetic video editing. prequel Mod APK has a built-in video editor that can make your videos awesome. You can import your videos into the prequal application and edit them with the best filters and tools to make them look like the creation of a professional editor.

prequel mod apk

Color correction

Color Connection is the most helpful feature of this application. Many times we click some pictures or capture some videos but the camera does not capture the true color response. For this, our games of throne prequel application have introduced a color correction feature in it. It can automatically correct the colors of photos or videos. In the prequel mod apk you can also manually change the colors of photos and videos.

prequel mod apk color correction download

The tools kit

The Prequel application has an advanced toolkit with the latest redesigned features. You can use them while editing photos or videos. The toolkit of Prequel Applications has many tools to enhance photography and more. There are many aesthetic editing apps but, prequel mod app has huge attraction in the hearts of users.

Get new content

This is another interesting feature of this application that engages its user. You can get new content every week in this application. you can explore anything with the best in-app feature. You can find out what’s trending and get expert creations that can be helpful when you’re in the editing prequel application.

Prequel Gold APK

Everyone wants to get Prequel Gold APK because it has a collection of premium stuff, unique filters, presets, effects, and tools. All things of Prequel gold APK are available from our website. You can download its modified version to get all the features of the premium application and gold mod application in one place.

Text and style

In the Prequel Mode application, you can add text to your photos and videos to make them look more attractive and explain the meaning of the photos and videos. You can add text to your content with great fonts. There are some paid fonts but all things are easily accessible for free in the mod version of the games of throne prequel application.

Realistic HD Camera

Aesthetic mood editor Prequel mod application has an HD view camera that can beautify and enhance the performance and quality of your aesthetic photo icon and video. Without a mobile camera, you can use a prequel app camera to make your content more beautiful and attractive. You should experience the prequel camera once.

Explore yourself with the content you create

When you create or edit any content in the Prequel application, you have the option to share your creation with social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can get the intention and it will be a source of motivation for you.

prequel mod apk

Prequel Pro Mod APK

Prequel Pro Mod APK has all the features from basic to advanced editing. You can get them all from one place. It is not wrong to say that the Prequel application covers all areas of photography. You can get any of the desired features in it. Make your content more engaging and discoverable to others.

Feature of PREQUEL Mod Pro Apk

  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlimited Presets
  • Background remover
  • Amazing tools kit
  • No Ads
  • Unlocked All Filters
  • Unlock All Effects
  • Unlimited color correction
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature


  • Bugs fixes
  • New prequel cartoon filters, effects, and presets have been introduced in the latest version of the prequel app.


Download the prequel mod application that completely covers the fields of photography and editing. It has premium filters, effects, presets, and tools that will help you create a superior creation. Edit with Prequel and win the editing department. Downloading from topratedapk is completely free. You should try it once. We are sure you will become a fan of the prequel once you use it. Thanks for your support and feedback. Comment us for any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the prequels for free?

If you want to get the prequel app for free with its premium filters, effects, presets and tools then go to topratedapk and download its latest version with all features for free.

Is the prequel aesthetic editor free?

Yes, its aesthetic editor is completely free. Download its latest mod version to get its aesthetic editor for free.

Does Prequel work on Android?

The prequel app is compatible with Android, iOS, and PC. For PC, you need to download an emulator to run on the PC.

Why isn’t my Prequel app working?

Your prequel app may not work which you have downloaded from fake websites. Download this application from topratedapk with 100% working and anti-ban features.

Is Prequel a safe app?

This app is fully tested and it is completely virus free. You can download it and use it safely on your device.

Who made the Prequel app?

The prequel app was developed by Prequel Inc. on May 24, 2020. This app is completely covering the field of photography and editing.

Does the prequel use your photos?

No, Prequel does not use your data. It is fully encrypted and protects your privacy.

How do I edit a prequel?

Just import your videos or photos and edit with the best toolset. All options are easily accessible with a user-friendly interface.


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