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GB Whatsapp Business Mod APK Pro 2023 Anti Ban

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Nowadays people use WhatsApp to send pictures, videos, audio, songs, and documents. For that they use WhatsApp if you want some extra features then you download and install GB WhatsApp and enjoy its feature. Well, many apps are used like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but WhatsApp is the most used app in the world. The future of GB WhatsApp is much better than Simple WhatsApp. And it keeps updating after months or weeks.


GB Whatsapp details:

GB WhatsApp is very easy to download, you can easily download it from Google Chrome or Play Store.GB WhatsApp has been downloaded by more than 9.4 million people. Its app size is around 50 or 52 MBs. Its working is absolutely 100 percent has a modified version and is updated from time to time.

Difference between GB Whatsapp vs WhatsApp:

In GB WhatsApp we can do direct messages whereas in WhatsApp we can’t do direct messages. In GB WhatsApp, if we have to send a file to someone else, we can do it between 900 MB or a thousand MB, while in Simple WhatsApp we cannot send more than a hundred MB. In GB WhatsApp we can store the theme whereas in Simple WhatsApp this is not the case, this side is the future of GB WhatsApp itself. After that we can install all kinds of security in GB WhatsApp whereas in Simple WhatsApp it is not possible in GB WhatsApp we can use Lokscreen. In the screen lock, we can also put a fingerprint, we can put a face lock, we can also write a pattern, we can also write a password. Whereas in Simple WhatsApp nothing like this happens. In GB WhatsApp we can also upload the status and download and also show the status by applying security on the status. In GB WhatsApp, if we install status, we can install maximum between 200 or 250, while in Simple WhatsApp we can install between 130 or 140, more than that we cannot install status in Simple WhatsApp. In GB WhatsApp, if someone has sent us a message, then it has been deleted. In GB WhatsApp, we also see that message, while in Simple WhatsApp, that message is not shown to us. In GB WhatsApp we show chat status groups and calls separately whereas in Simple WhatsApp.

GB Whatsapp hider features:

GB WhatsApp is the best app for privacy and hider which is very easy to use. In GB WhatsApp we can hide blue tick now, hide first tick, hide second tick, hide typing and hide microphone recording. In GB WhatsApp, if we do not want to show the status to anyone, then the status can also be set to privacy and only those who want to show the status will have it. If we don’t want to show online in GB WhatsApp, we can also hide it, then your last scene will not show.

Best images and quality:

Through GB WhatsApp we can send high quality videos and pictures.

 Check Messages in Gallery:

In GB WhatsApp we can also check the date of our contract and group messages on which date they were sent or received.

Profile picture:

In GB WhatsApp we can also check the changed profile picture of our contract.

Contact archived:

In GB WhatsApp if we want to hide a chat then we can also save it in archived. And after saving in the archived we will not see the outside chat.

New groups:

In GB WhatsApp we can create groups and add anyone to it from our contract. In this we can create all kinds of separate groups of relative friends.

Chat backup :

GB WhatsApp also provides chat backup option after update through which we can get back our previous chat. In chat backup we can also bring back the chats of our contacts and groups.

Set wallpaper:

In GB WhatsApp we can set wallpaper inside the chat. Wallpaper we can also select from our gallery, otherwise there are some wallpapers in the settings of GB WhatsApp, we can also install them.

Audio and video call:

In GB whatsapp we can do both audio and video calls. If we want to talk face to face then we can do a video call. Unlimited time we can talk on the call.

Emoji effective:

We can also send custom popular trends during chat. There are many emojis in GB WhatsApp. Emojis include cars, fruits, flowers, vegetables, food, and more.


In GB WhatsApp we can also send stickers in our chat and group. We can also save stickers from groups and chats in our GB WhatsApp.

GB Whatsapp anti ban:

WhatsApp is banning the account of those who upload more than five minutes of videos on their status but they don’t need to worry anymore because now there is no such thing in GB WhatsApp. In GB WhatsApp you can keep your account safe and don’t use any extra features which are not available in the version.

Dark theme:

In GB WhatsApp we can also install dark mode. It makes our screen color black if we don’t install dark mode then we have light screen mode they can also install.

DND mode:

By installing DND mode, if you are busy in your work or can’t see your messages, then please install DND mode and it will disconnect your internet, you will not see messages, but your WhatsApp It will be safe in the app.

Enable password:

You can add a fingerprint or app log to a specific chat or group within GB WhatsApp to keep your chat secure.

Hide media from gallery:

On WhatsApp, if there are some pictures or videos that we don’t want to keep in our gallery, then we can save them in the high media gallery of WhatsApp.

Use two WhatsApp account:

We can create two types of WhatsApp on our smart phone, a simple WhatsApp on a separate account and either Koi or a GB WhatsApp.

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