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Are you a master of Dragon City Mode APK? If so, prove your worth with the benefit of unlimited gems, gold, coins, etc.
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Dragon City mod apk is the beloved Battle Royal game in the World of simulation games. Dragon city mod apk has more than 100 Million downloads from all around the World. The popularity of this game is due to its engaging features and gameplay. Modded dragon city apk has a high number of active players all around the world.

You may have seen the famous movie How to Train Your Dragon. This game is almost the same. In this game, players build a city for their dragons where they train their dragons. Players have to take care of their dragon city. Players train their dragons from birth to make enough power to fight with other players to win clans. Dragon city game provides you latest modern tools to harvest crops and fields field to produce well for your dragon’s health. Players can customize their dragon-like pets to look better and more attractive with habitats and decorations. You can also complete various quests to unlock many rewards like gems and food. You will see amused that there is a dragon who generates gems with an RGS system to boost level-ups. Play on a private server and enjoy.

dragon city mod apk

In the original version of dragon city, it takes a long time to level up, fight different battles, grow food, and have many lazy features. But our modded version provides you unlimited everything to unlock, play or win any battle against any player.

There is unlimited money and gems in our provided dragon city modded version. you can build various towns and feed your dragons fast. There are two strongest monsters in this game, one is flame dragon knight pad and the other is double terra dragon. Your all dragons become battle-experienced fire and fighters when you reach 100 or 150 levels. Newbie players can feel difficulty in the starting and in the battle to defeat other players. But follow our instructions to play it like a pro.


What is Dragon Mod Apk?

The marvelous engaging and addictive game was developed by the famous developer SocialPoint on July 3, 2013. It is the most popular game on ios and android. Dragon city mod is a game where you build a strong army of dragons to fight against other players to win the battle. There is a castle for every player to protect its king and inner structure. Players can store food for dragons in granaries and store wood, stone, and iron in stockpiles. The main objects of this game are to build a dragon city on multiple lands, buy required assets, construct protective shelters and buildings, farm to feed dragons to grow faster, and train dragons for battles to win the game. And complete the book of great dragons.

download dragon city mod game

Dragon city is a game where players construct farms and cities for their dragons. In the beginning, a player has only one dragon, but as he collects resources, then he can add more dragons to your city. Feed them to grow better and train for wars. dragons are divided into six elements: water, fire, earth, metal, air, and wood. But with our provided mod version you can unlock all the dragons, upgrade their power, and feed them fastly to grow. And fight with other players in the battle of dragons and stand at the top of the leaderboard as a master of dragons city game.

Dragon City Mod Premium Apk

There are many paid things, like dragons, food, and upgrades, but we provided them all free for you. And the promise of the Top-Rated game is completed by adding this game. It is the most trending and high-rated game, that’s why it is on TopRatedApk.

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • PvP Match Supported
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Anti-ban
  • Unlimited shopping menu
  • Friendly Interface
  • Unlocked Premium Dragons
  • Unlimited Food

dragon city hack

  • High-Quality Graphics & Sounds
  • No Ads
  • No Root required
  • Login Supported
  • Fully tested and secure
  • Our Modded version is compatible with all Operating systems

Features of Dragon City Mod APK

Here are the best and most praisable features of Dragon City mod Apk

Unlimited Money

The original version of dragon city asks to expend real money to unlock items. For your ease like COC Mod, we are providing you with a mod version of dragon city with unlimited money features. We bring it completely free for you. With this dragon city modified version game, you can buy or upgrade anything for free.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are more important in this game than money. But we are providing you the both to play it more easily. In the original version, gems are difficult to achieve, you can get them by winning combat, opening the chest, and leveling up.  You can use gems to free your captive dragons. These can increase the speed of constructing dragon cities during royal battles. Gems also play an important role to fulfill the dragon’s food. Gems can increase the level up to progress and fast train your dragons. Another benefit of unlimited gems is, that you can unlock various dragons.

dragon city mod apk

PvP Matches

Another astonishing thing about our mod version is, that you can play PvP online combat matched with a real player from all around the world. It is full of challenges when you play with masters of dragon city. This feature will increase your confidence level to play with the best players. You can also learn which types of techniques they use in battles. The online multiplayer feature is very interesting and attractive which gives you lots of items if you beat your opponent.

Unlimited Gold

Another helping feature of dragon city latest game is unlimited gold like 8 Ball Pool mod apk. Achieving gold is also not easy if you want gold in the official dragon city mod, then there you need to sell dragons, items, and dragon’s eggs, wining daily bonuses, and win tournaments. With unlimited gold, you can purchase or upgrade any source in this game. unlimited gold allows you to unlock all the required things to perform them better in an ideal dragon city.


The most required feature of the dragon city mod game is its anti-ban technology. It is the same as in Instander. Sometimes players download the mod version, play for some time and the account gets banned, but our provided mod version is programmed with an anti-ban feature to enjoy it for as long time as you can.

Use a friendly interface

Dragon city is a user-friendly interface. It is very simple to play. the player can easily access all the features and controls. The original features and mod features are both included in this version.

Warfare and achievements

The important thing you have to do is to grow and train your dragons enough to use them in a war of PvP and PvE. Use the fire-throwing dragon during the war to beat opponents easily. You can improve your stats level by winning tournaments, getting gems and gold, and unlocking dragons to win the rewards. You can get all the resources free from our mod version.

Hundreds of dragons

You know the name dragon city. The city of the dragon includes 80 million dragons lord. if a player wants to get new dragons, then fight and defeat them. If you fight with a great mindset, then you can get more than 100 dragons per fight in our moded version. there are many types of dragons like the jungle, thunder, air, rock, flame, etc. Here are a few famous ones.

Here is the unlocked dragon list in our mod version.

  • Legacy Dragons
  • Superstar Dragons
  • Dual Dragons
  • Bohemian Dragons
  • Titan Dragons
  • Wind Dragons
  • Dacron Dragons

Upgrade the Hatchery

Hatchery plays an important role in the growth of new dragons. in the beginning, you have one hatchery with one breeding field. After getting bonuses and rewards you can add more breeding grounds, and the hatchery also can be upgraded to its maximum level to produce more eggs. you can get a high-power epic dragon with good hatchery production.

dragon city hack

Dragon towers

If you send a group of four dragons on an adventure on the floating island then you will be able to unlock dragon towers. the skills of dragons can also be upgraded there. there are many skills like increasing the production of gold or increasing the rate of growing fields and many more included in it.

Defense system

Your fort protection is also very important to build your city enough powerful which will unbeatable for others. You can develop a strong defense system with defending dragons to protect it better. You can fully upgrade your defense system with our modded version items and remain harmless from enemies.

free dragon

HD Graphics

With astonishing other features, SocialPoint also offers high-quality 3D-designed graphics in dragon city mod. Its attractive graphics let its player active and engaged all the time. It will provide you with an adventurous environment.

Realistic sounds

While playing the game another thing that makes it more interesting is its sound quality. You will realize the real environment in this game. The roaring of dragons and their habitats are very marvelous.

hack version of dragon city

Challenge your friends

With this exciting feature, you can play with your friend all around the world. When you log in with your Facebook account, then you will be able to see the progress of your friends and challenge them to play with them, you can also show your activities in this game to convert them into more fun and joy.


You can log in with your Facebook account. This will save your game performance and if your game is uninstalled by mistake.

No Ads

Watching ads during playing with focus is a very disturbing thing. that’s why we are presenting you the modified version of the dragon city mod with no ads to show. Now you can enjoy it with a wonderful experience and play it efficiently.


1. What a nice and interesting game, my friend recommends to me, and when I download it for the first time, I fully engaged in this game and enjoy its feature for the last 6 months. Its mod version helped me a lot to become a pro player. Thanks topratedapk.
2. Its graphics, gameplay, and controls are very best to play it and spend more time in it. it is an addictive game. I am playing it for 6 hours per day. and the more I play, the more I engaged in its feature. it is one of the best games.

Final Words

I write this article in the most precise way to explain all the required things about the dragon city apk. you have to feed and train your cute dragon babies and keep them beast and use them in battles. and prove yourself the best dragon master. Ita realistic environment makes it more joyful. It is also the best game for trainers. Here you have to complete the best dragons book. If you want to be at the top of the dragon city free apk, then you need to unlock 1000+ dragons, feed them better and grow enough for battle.

dragon city mod apk

How to Download and Install Dragon City Mod APK

Please read our instructions carefully to download and install the Dragon City Mod latest version 2022 correctly.

Click on the downloading button, Dragon City modded game will start downloading.

Then, you can download it directly from your browser or IDM.

After a while, the Dragon City modified game will be downloaded

Then, uninstall your official Dragon City game.

Open Settings and Find Unknown Sources and enable this function.

Then click on the downloaded file of the Dragon City mod and install it.

Open the Dragon City modded game.

Grant permission.

Now that you have downloaded the Dragon City free modded game, enjoy it as you wish.

If you have any issues with the modded dragon city apk download game and you need help, please comment on me, I will definitely answer you and solve your problem.

How do you get free diamonds on Dragon City?
If you want to get unlimited diamonds then download our provided mod version free from this article.
Is Dragon City addictive?
Yes, it is an addictive and engaging game. If you play it once, then you will become a fan and addictive player of it.
How can you become rich in Dragon City?
If you want to be rich soon on this game, then download and install our mod version. It is full of unlimited money, gold, and gems.
How do you get free diamonds on Dragon City?
If you want to get unlimited diamonds then download our provided mod version free from this article.
What is the attractive thing about this game?
Its realistic graphics, sounds, easy gameplay, and engaging feature make it more attractive. That’s why it has more than 100 Million downloads.
Is mod version safe?
Yes, it is fully tested by experienced developers. Download it and enjoy it without any fear

What's new

  • Jolly dragon unlocked
  • Master magnet dragon added
  • New week events for new dragons
  • Various dragon skills are available to look attractive.
    special orbs are available.
  • technical improvements


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