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If you like strategy games then COC Mod with unlimited money may be your best choice. You can develop the kingdom of your dreams. You can build an army to defend and attack against empires and prove yourself to be a great king.

There are many strategy games in the market but the COC mod has a different place in people’s hearts. COC mod is a time-consuming game, those who play it for the first time become its fans. Clash of clan mod game has a user-friendly interface. This is the best strategy game ever played among people. You’ll find that COC is the best-selling, highest-rated, and one of the highest-earning games on the Play Store and App Store.

To meet the challenges, you will have to complete more than one task with the opportunity and a responsible mindset, to build the empire, protect it, and be a winner to stand on top. COC modified Apk has great online gameplay, with the aim of creating a risk-free environment within your kingdom and making it more solid with the help of modern weapons. There are many leagues where you can improve your position by attacking, winning trophies, and gaining strong defenses. I’m also a big fan of this game, and I suggest you play it once.

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About Clash of Clans

A Finnish gaming company Supercell has developed the Clash of Clans Apk for Android and iOS devices. Its 3D realistic graphics with excellent gameplay has attracted 500M + players from all over the world. COC first developed the game for iOS devices on August 2, 2012. The same developers on Sep 30, 2013, developed for Android devices. The popularity of this game has increased due to millions of users. This game has many private servers called COC mod Apk.

Today in this article I will show you all the best features and explanations. And the promise of Top Rated Games has been completed with this another famous game.

COC Mod Apk

COC mod gives a lot of offers to its players. Here are the required things for the Clash of Clans mod Apk. Follow our provided features, benefits, and tips to play it like a pro player.

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This is a real game in which you build a strong empire and defend against enemies and make it more stable and progressive by attacking other empires to expand your empire. In this game, you start with the resources available on earth.

clash of clans mod game

You first build a small village, erect buildings in it, and recruit soldiers. You choose different types of defense systems such as nets, cannons, towers, and walls. All of these things can be upgraded to make your system even stronger and help you against attacks from other players. Every player has a strategy to become a famous player in the COC mod apk.

Defense and Attacking

You can recruit soldiers after building your village. There are different types of soldiers like warriors, magicians, swordsmen, and dragons. Troops can also be upgraded to increase their power and defenses. You can attack other players after completing these things. These items help you to easily defeat your enemies, capture their lands or kill monsters in campaign mode to get gold coins and EXP. It is the same as the Dragon City mod Apk.

The thing that makes the clash of clans mod game more attractive to players is attacking other players. Victory always goes to the players who work with the best techniques and know the best time to implement these tactics. It’s just like the recent world wars where kings fought for land and money.

clash of clans defense and attacking system

Join the strongest group

Like contemporary wars where the fighting is between two countries but their friendly countries help them. There is a similar game. You can make friends, you can call them and they can help you if someone attacks you. Your friends can join the guild to help each other in trouble. This engaging element makes it even more interesting.

Graphics and Sound

There are no words to describe COC graphics. COC facilitates its players with attractive graphics to keep them engaged. Clash of clan modded game has very sharp and eye-catching 3D graphics that make it even more attractive. The amazing effects of explosions and realistic music make you feel like a real warrior. Soldiers, Troops, and Buildings make it feel like you’re fighting a real battle

COC Mod Features

In this modified version we have provided you with all the features of the next level upgrade. These features will help you a lot to buy, upgrade and power up anything.

Town Hall 14

We’ve provided you with an upgraded version of Town Hall 12 and 13, which is Town Hall 14. We offer all its features for free in our modded version which helps you to run COC mod Apk easily.

Unlimited Gems

This feature caters to the needs of players to advance the level of the game faster. Our modified version allows you to unlock anything or upgrade options. With unlimited gems, your growth will be faster than the original version. You can also speed up your building to build faster by using gems rather than waiting for them.

clash of clans unlimited money and gems

Unlimited Resources

Another COC mod feature is unlimited resources that contribute to health level, strength, and game level. This makes clash of clans mod game easier to win your gameplay. Unlimited resources include nectar, black nectar, and gold. The player can use them in different things.


The game may be banned due to some issues and restrictions on the original version of coc but the modified version we provide with the helper features cannot be banned. Another great thing about this coc mod is that its servers are faster than the original version which has an anti-ban feature.

Unlimited amount

The original version of Clash of Clans doesn’t give you enough money to buy the items you need, but our modded version gives you unlimited money to unlock multiple items. You can eventually use the unlimited amount to upgrade, which will strengthen your strength and keep you undefeated in battle.

Creating a Great vast safe land empire

The COC mod increases the player’s interest so that he can make his empires so big and strong that he can defeat others. Players have to build wide ground with defensive points to defend it and stand strong against any attack.
You can create your own imaginary empire. You can choose the colors, effects, and animations.

Your enemies are waiting to kill you. So your priority is to keep yourself safe and secure. You can build a safe and secure kingdom with some tactics to avoid any threat from enemies.

Army development for battles

To fight great battles, players have to build a large number of strong and fully equipped troops. Military systems also help in defense. Goblin King will want to take your kingdom, but you can defeat all evils with upgraded items. The best management of powerful upgraded troops always satisfies your thirst to conquer other states.

clasj of clan download apk


Troops are the most defensive element in the defense and offensive system. The soldiers should be kept in barracks. So that the army can protect it. There are many types of armies such as archery, savage, minion, goblin, dragon, wizard giant, and P.E.K.K. A.s troops. All these forces have different powers and objectives. Use them at the best time to defend and attack.


Factory of elixir and dark elixir is called spells. Elixir makes a normal spell while dark spells have properties like increasing speed, lightning, healing your enemy, damage heal, and damaging the skeleton.

Defense System:

In COC mod the required and modern defense systems are available, where can you buy all the upgraded and high-level systems with our modded version.
Some of them are,

  • Archer defense system
  • Bomb defense system
  • wizard defense system
  • Tesla tower
  • Spring trap system
  • Bow defense system
  • Cannon Defense system

Get Victory

When your defense system is good, your attack system does not work well. Once you have strengthened yourself, you will be able to attack others in order to conquer their empires. Attacking enemy soldiers with tremendous control and mentality will make you enjoy yourself like the king of an entire empire.

how to get a victory in coc mod apk

Builder Base:

In the builder section, you can attack to opponent’s bases within 24 hours to get gold or three stars. If you do more damage and get three stars, then you can conquer the empire of an opponent. you can upgrade powers and use the more attacking systems to get victory faster.

Enjoy numerous Events and Challenges

There are many challenges and events in this game of fighting. You can participate in exciting friendly battles, challenges, and special events. You can win battles for your people and friends and get interesting rewards.

New updated features of Clash of Clan Mod game

  • New Super Dragon Squad
  • Brand new siege machine flame finger
  • Skins of new heroes.
  • New Air Unit, Dragon Rifle
  • Defense Builder’s Hut
  • Hero pets are available.
  • The royal skins opened.
  • Log Launcher
  • Head Hunter New Squad
  • Builder Hall 9 is available.
  • Unlocked all upgrades.
  • Unlocked power-ups


You can use commands in global and clan chat. List of all commands:

  • /cut – clear all obstacles
  • /easy – upgrade all buildings to max level for your town hall
  • /help – show all commands
  • /id – show your id
  • /refill – get max resources
  • /the level –upgrade the base to the level
  • /fired – dismiss the troops

Tips for COC Mod Apk

As you know Clash of Clan mod game is a very complex and huge game, so players need tips and tricks to make it easier to win.

1. Raid empty bases:

Find empty bases of enemies’ empires and raid them to get loot and huge money.
don’t let your bases empty in case you go out to attack others. if you left your bases empty then enemies can easily get a target to raid and loot your bases.

2. Put your hall inside your base:

Guarding the hall is the important thing to keep your kingdom safe. always take your town hall inside your base with highly guarded objects and put strong walls around it to protect it better.

3. Upgrade your collectors and mines:

Upgraded all resources always take advantage of their upgrade power both in defense systems and in battles.

4. Don’t break your shield:

The shield is a defensive element when you go to war with another village. You should attack when you have a strong shield of at least 30 minutes that is difficult to break. Then you can attack enemies without damaging your buildings. And you can conquer the kingdom and become a great king.

Key Points

  • Amazing 3D graphics entice the player to play and enjoy it
  • The player builds different villages, castles, buildings, and empires and rules over them as a king.
  • Players can join other tribes and fight opponents.
  • There are many things that can save your kingdoms such as bombs, nets, towers, mortar cannons, and walls.
  • This latest version is fully compatible with Android and iOS devices. Players also run it on laptops and PCs with a good emulator.
  • You can also attack enemies first.
  • Join the Guild.

How to Download and Install COC Mod APK

Please read our instructions carefully to download and install the COC mod apk latest version 2022 correctly.

Click on the button, COC mod apk will start downloading.

Then, you can download it directly from your browser or IDM.

After a while, the COC will be downloaded

Then, uninstall your official Clash of Clans game.

Open Settings and Find Unknown Sources and enable this function.

Then click on the downloaded file of the COC apk and install it.

Open the COC mod apk app.

Grant permission.

Now that you have downloaded the Clash of Clans game, enjoy it as you wish.

If you have any issues with the COC download app and you need help, please comment on me, I will definitely answer you and solve your problem.

What is COC Mod APK?
COC Mod APK is the modified version of the original Clash of Clan game, which provides you unlimited money, gems, and lots of exciting features.
How to play it on PCs and Laptops?
If you want to play it on any device you need a compatible emulator.
Is COC mod is safe?
Yes, COC mod is completely safe. It is full virus and threat free. Download it and enjoy it.

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